New publication: “The influence of teachers’ conceptions on their students’ learning: children’s understanding of sheet music”


It has being quite a long time since I wrote my last post…

This time I write about my new publication in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, a peer review journal that “publishes psychological research that makes a significant contribution to the understanding and practice of education as well as advances the field in terms of theory related to educational psychology“.

In the case of the article I present here (nominated for the 2013 BJEP Early Stage Career Researcher Prize), I am talking about how the conceptions music teachers hold about teaching and learning of musical instruments, in this case string instruments, influence the conceptions and understanding of music making held by their students. I compare traditional vs. constructive approaches to teaching and learning, and the results tell us that, indeed, children are influenced by their teachers (Like teacher, like student?)

Well, if you are interested in reading it, go to BJEP webpage and download the article via your institution or by paying a little bit (or waiting before it is published in its paper version and available in public libraries).