Doctoral Dissertation


I haven’t posted anything in a while, but finishing my doctoral dissertation and preparing the defense have been really time consuming… I just wanted to briefly thank the Madrid Autonomous University for the doctoral scholarship given to me in order to complete this work during the last 5 years, and also to my supervisor Dr. Juan Ignacio Pozo for helping sharing so much valuable knowledge and experience with me. I feel so lucky.


The event went smoothly and I had the great honor to present my work in front of five opponents and get the report from three international reviewers, which gave me really good feedback and insightful comments. I got the “Cum Laude with Honors and International Mention”, and couldn’t be happier. At the moment I am planning new things for the future in connection to my research, so I will hopefully tell you soon about it 🙂


Hugs to everyone from a new and happy Doctor of Psychology 😉