As an educator, I have been teaching since I was 14, either privately or in state-funded institutions.

During the last few years, I have focused on teaching topics related to the educational psychology of music in higher education, in combination with my artistic and research activities.

In addition, I also supervise doctoral theses and advise doctoral, postdoctoral and senior researchers in strategic international publishing, research impact, and popularising research for the wider public.

Some time ago, I also taught cello performance to children and adults, some of whom are now professional musicians, as well as music and movement to toddlers—thus covering a wide spectrum of music education.

My teaching philosophy is social constructivist in essence, based on the belief that people actively construct meaning and knowledge from their experiences, ideas about the world, and prior knowledge, as a result of the interactions with others in the context of a culture, but also through an interdependence with their individual processes, where one’s own self-motivation plays a crucial role in learning.