• August (8th). CONCERT: Mendelssohn complete cello works recital on historical instruments with pianist Olga Andryushchenko. BRQ Vantaa Festival, Chapel of St. Lawrence, Vantaa (Finland). 7pm.
  • September. CD RECORDING: Complete Mendelssohn Piano & Cello Works on period instruments.
  • September (4th-6th). CONFERENCE: Paper presentation & charing, 3rd festival-conference “Doctors in Performance”, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius (Lithuania).
  • September (10th-12th). CONFERENCE: Paper presentation, Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music Conference, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford (UK).
  • September (10th). CONCERT: 19th century piano trios on historical instruments, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford (UK). 8pm.
  • October (dates open). DISSERTATION COMMITTEE MEMBER & PRE-EXAMINER: “The motivation of teachers in relation to arts-music education in primary schools: A study from the theory of self-determination” by Mr. Angel-Alvarado. Doctorate Program of Humanities and Social Sciences, Public University of Navarra (Spain).
  • October (25th). CONCERT: Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Schubert recital on historical instruments with pianist Olga Andryushchenko. Small Hall, Moscow Philharmonic Society (Russia). 7pm.
  • October/November (dates open). GUEST LECTURE. The role of instrumental music teacher’s experience and its effects on students’ learning, Lecture Series of General Pedagogy, Wegelius Hall, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (Finland). 4-5:30pm.
  • November (11th). CONCERT-LECTURE: 19th century piano trios on period instruments, Organo, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (Finland). 6pm.
  • November (12th). SYMPOSIUM: Transforming Musicianship: Understanding C19th Historical Style and its Implications for Learning. Wegelius Hall, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (Finland). More info later.

  • January (6th). CONCERT: Bach’s Christmas Oratorio IV-VI with Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, Hämeenlinnä (Finland). More info later.
  • Spring (dates open). CONCERTS & CD RELEASE: Recitals with pianist Olga Andryushchenko, different venues (The Netherlands). More info later.
  • Spring (dates open). RADIO PROGRAM: Presentation of my debut and new CDs at Spanish Classical Music Radio’s Estudio 206. More info later.
  • May (20th) to June (28th). RESEARCH STAY: Visiting fellowship, Curtin University, Perth (Australia).
  • July (16th-20th). CONFERENCE: Melbourne (Australia). More info later.
  • July (21st) to August (18th). RESEARCH STAY: Visiting fellowship, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne (Australia).
  • August (19th) to September (20th). RESEARCH STAY: Visiting fellowship, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, South Brisbane (Australia).

  • Spring (dates open). RESEARCH STAY: Visiting postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Music, Oxford University, Oxford (UK).
  • Summer (dates open). CONFERENCE: Helsinki (Finland). More info later.