As a researcher, I attempt to change the entire traditional teaching and learning paradigm in Western classical instrumental studies. I have thus specialized in the study of the psychological processes behind musical performance and music instruction, through an unusually wide range of research methods.

My scholarly expertise and interests in music research include cognitive and social constructivism (psychological school), lifelong learning and employability, self-regulation/efficacy/determination for performance optimisation, musical and learner identities, giftedness and talent, and emotion theories.

I present my work regularly as an invited speaker and at international congresses, and have been published in books and impact journals indexed in the Web of Knowledge. I also serve as an expert for various journals, conferences, and institutions (e.g. European Commission), and have received numerous scholarships and prizes (e.g. Prize Bankia in the category of Best Music Researcher). I have been a visiting scholar at top-notch universities and work regularly with world-leading scholars.

I am currently leading my second postdoctoral research project, funded by the Academy of Finland (2018-2021), studying how to renew learning and performance practices among (under)graduate musicians by highlighting the importance of learner identity.

My PhD, which was awarded in 2014 and received the “Best PhD Thesis in Psychology” prize and the “Summa Cum Laude” distinction at my alma mater university, was carried out (on full scholarship FPU-UAM) under the supervision of Prof. Juan Ignacio Pozo, and focused on the analysis of the psychological processes involved in the acquisition of musical knowledge, particularly from constructivist perspectives.

My first postdoctoral project, funded by the Kone Foundation (2016–2018), focused on the holistic study and performance of the complete works for piano and cello by Beethoven and Mendelssohn, by combining several multidisciplinary perspectives within the field of arts-based research.

In addition, I have worked since 2008 as a researcher in various well-funded collaborative research projects in Europe (e.g. I+D+i, Finnish Academy, Erasmus+) related to the psychology of music learning and arts education.

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