Here you can download some of my research reports and toolkits for practitioners.

Artistic Career in Music: Stakeholders requirement report is a pan-European perspective concerning the requirements for an artistic career in music performance found in five European countries. The Stakeholders requirement report was conceived to bring to light insights on current issues relating to the teaching and learning of music performance, professional requirements, curricular structures and assessment and how they influence teaching and learning in various European contexts and career development for performers. These insights supply a framework of reference for the curricular development and assessment of artistic outputs in European HEIs.

This toolkit for instrumental music teachers provides information about relevant research on constructivist instrumental music teaching and learning, and offers suggestions for teachers on how to enact pedagogical equality through putting constructivist theories into practice. The toolkit is based on the music school research I carried out as a doctoral candidate at the Madrid Autonomous University and during my first years as a Postdoc at the University of the Arts Helsinki.